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available properties iconDowntown Morganton has a variety of spaces available for lease and purchase. The Morganton Main Street Dept. will help find the space that fits your business needs. Contact the Main Street Office at 828-438-5252, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for lease and sales rates, space availability and development opportunities, or call the contact for the property listed. Property owners, please contact the office when you have space available

Parklets and Streateries in Downtown Morganton

The streEATERIES and Parklets in Downtown Morganton permitted by the COVID-19 Small Business Recovery Strategy, allowed businesses to expand outdoor spaces creating a framework for restaurants to operate further into the street during scheduled road closures. This project was able to boost food sales and retain businesses that may have otherwise closed indefinitely.  The City of Morganton’s Main Street Office's foresight to maximize outdoor space for businesses not only provided a safe area for customers but it also brought forth artistic endeavors for two local artists Jamie McGimsey and Brandon Lynn during the King Street streEATERY creation.

McGimsey, owner of downtown restaurant and bar Homer’s Soda Shop, studied Industrial Design, Historic Preservation and painting at The Savannah College of Art and Design. The McGimsey’s have deep family roots in Morganton, Grandfather James Frank McGimsey, owned Morganton Hardware, acquired in the 1920’s.  Previous owner of M.A.D., Morganton Art & Design, McGimsey’s said his drive upon returning to Morganton in 2009 was, “I wanted to see more diverse public art in Morganton. I saw lots of open canvases on buildings around town that I hoped business owners would provide artists with the opportunity to create art on their spaces. Public art is a great look for a city.” McGimsey was invited to paint a mural in the strEATERY, and he chose to recreate a radical yet ingenious design called Dazzle Camouflage, also known as razzle dazzle. This original concept and design was created by a Royal Navy Volunteer reserve lieutenant and artist, Norman Wilkinson, and used to camouflage ships during World War I. The idea was that the wild patterns would make it more difficult to determine the ship’s size, shape, speed and direction. “I’ve always been a huge fan of the Razzle Dazzle, as a series, and it is a platform that I’ve wanted to play with for ten years. The three dimensionality of the cement blocks and road scene, seemed like the best time to bring it to life. This inspired me to bring the same concept to the walls of Homers, a work still in progress.”

The StreATERY located on King Street also contains a neon color hopscotch mural by artist Brandon Lynn. Lynn, a Morganton native, is also the creator of the mural on the side of Oak Hill Iron + Wood. His piece, painted directly in the southbound lane of the street, is meant to evoke happiness and the joy of childhood and help people connect with their inner child. Lynn said that the work represents “becoming a child.” His mural, made up of bright vibrant colors, has hidden letters within a white line that flows throughout the piece — a “C,” “C” and “T” — which are the initials of his daughters, Cadence and Caitlin, and his wife Tiffany. This line contains a heart shape and flows to another portion that resembles an EKG line. Brandon said “It’s the heartbeat of Morganton, and my family is my heartbeat.” He never received any formal art training and, by day, Lynn works in nuclear medicine at Frye Regional Medical Center, but said that art is his passion. He loves his patients and nuclear medicine, but art is what he wants he wants to do for the rest of his life.

The City of Morganton invites you to come to the strEATERY  to enjoy delicious flavors of the neighboring restaurants and bask in the ambiance that is heightened by the creations of these two local artists.  

Jamie McGimsey, pictured above, created the "Razzle Dazzle" camoflauge mural on various parts of the North King Street Streatery in Downtown Morganton. The design is modeled after a camoflauge pattern that was painted on Royal Navy ships in World War I.

Brandon Lynn, pictured above in this photograph by the Morganton News-Herald, is a Morganton native, and painted the neon mural in the southbound lane of North King Street. His design represents "becoming a child."

Shown above is a detail shot of the "razzle dazzle" pattern painted on part of the North King Street streatery by Jamie McGimsey.

McGimsey is painting the walls of Homer's Soda Shop, a business in Downtown Morganton that he owns, with the same "razzle dazzle" pattern he painted in the streatery on North King Street.

Brandon Lynn's mural, shown above, has hidden letters within a white line that flows throughout the piece: a “C,” “C” and “T” — which are the initials of his daughters, Cadence and Caitlin, and his wife Tiffany.

Courthouse Square Project

Historic Courthouse Square Project October Update

The square truly looks like a construction site these days! As with all early days in a project it is mostly for removal of items and the beginnings of infrastructure.

To date:

  • 3 Renderings of the finished project were placed on the construction fencing on Green Street (across from the theater) and on East Union Street across from Benjamin's for all to see!
  • Trees that were scheduled for removal have been taken down and most of them removed from the site. New trees will be planted in various areas but not necessarily in the same locations. Some trees had to be removed because of the new design and some because they were overgrown for the space.
  • The Green Street rock wall has now been completely removed and the rock placed on palettes to be reused once the concrete masonry unit (CMU) wall is put in place. The CMU wall will hold the dirt in place and will not be seen once the rock wall is rebuilt.
  • The steps leading to the Courthouse, on the Green Street side, across from the theater, have been removed to be rebuilt along with the wall.
  • A bore under Meeting Street, to the other side of the street, was made to provide the entire square with underground utilities, eliminating unsightly overhead wires and poles. Contractors were able to do this without disruption to traffic flow.
  • All Sternberg lighting poles have been removed in preparation for new sidewalks. 
  • Pavers were removed along the Green Street sidewalk and placed on palettes to be reused along Sterling Street with the new sidewalk.
  • There will be new sidewalk poured beside existing pavers along Green Street to match the other sidewalks with pavers.
  • A portion of the grading for the stage area was started in the southwest quadrant.

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301 West Meeting Street

FOR SALE: Former Burke Pharmacy building and lot. This property is conveniently located in the downtown Morganton Central Business District, close to the History Museum of Burke County, Public Library, and amenities of downtown. The parking lot surrounding the building has over 40 parking spaces. The main level of the building is 6,400 square feet and the basement is also 6,400 square feet. There is a current tenant renting roughly 3,200 square feet of the basement level.

Tax Value: $1,200,000

For more information, contact Butch Duckworth at 828-291-6565

135 B West Union Street - Apartment

Available Apartment: Downtown apartment available for rent located on the upper level of downtown building in the heart of Morganton. Apartment B. Spectacular and spacious, this newly renovated 2 bed/bath apartment is located in the heart of downtown Morganton and includes a newly constructed deck with beautiful mountain views. The master bathroom features a walk-in closet and a jacuzzi. The apartment has high ceilings and boasts a huge kitchen/living room that includes a gas fireplace, skylights, and a separate office space. In addition, all appliances are new, stainless steel as well as a stacked washer/dryer. $1,795/month. 2,500 square feet.

Click here for more pictures.

For more information and to check availability, call 954-695-1886

407 East Union Street Suite C

FOR RENT: Office space available at 407 East Union Street. Suite C offers 510square feet of space. Perfect for a small business.

$600/month - includes water. Parking available in the front.

Call Dennis Whisnant at 828-437-0704

114 South Sterling Street

Office Space Available - Single furnished office space available - 9' x 9'. The office is street level with access to break room. Rent is $145/month which includes broadband and all utilities.
Contact Robert Dunn at 828-443-5954

406 South Green Street

FOR SALE: Here is your opportunity to own a piece of downtown Morganton! This building at 406 S. Green Street would be a fantastic spot for office use, a retail boutique, a spa or massage parlor, or yoga studio! Buyer could add a small kitchen to create an amazing coffee shop, tea house, sandwich shop or creperie! The building layout is designed around a centrally located 4-faced fireplace, and this property would make an adorable in-town rental with the addition of a kitchen.

Sellars have updated electrical system and plumbing. New bathroom fixtures, lighting and other electrical features will be finished shortly after listing date.

Listing Price: Reduced! $127,900

For more information, contact Ed Wisnieski at 732-616-4669 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


410-A East Union Street

For Sale: Great Commercial Opportunity for your business located in Downtown Morganton. Currently being used as Law Office. Featuring two offices, conference room, large waiting area, common area and bathroom. Access from front and rear of building. Parking Area in Back and also Street Parking in front. Corner Office Ready to Move into. 1200 square feet. Handicap Accessible.

List Price: $170,000

Contact Rhonda Edge at ERA Mountain View Properties 828-433-8777 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

500 South Green Street

FOR SALE OR LEASE: Former attorney offic building for sale or lease in downtown Morganton. Building includes alcove, receptionist office, two small conference rooms, break area, three large offices with wood floors and ceiling fans. Building is wired for computer network and phone system. Includes three half-baths and one full bath. Large upstairs attic/storage area. Parking in front with ramp.

3850 Square Feet. Price: $220,000

Call Cecil Saunders at 828-430-9548

202 Patterson Street

FOR RENT: 4 offices with Reception.

Contact Gresham Orrison with Hunting Creek Associates at 828-443-5225 or 828-433-8369

117A West Union Street

FOR RENT: Upstairs offices - 2520 square feet.

Front (Suite A) and Back (Suite B) office suites available. Suite A includes 7 rooms and 2 restrooms and Suite B includes 3 rooms and 2 restrooms. Prices range from $450-$750/month, utilities not included. Rent is negotiable

Call Fareeda at 828-437-7230 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Street & Public Parking areas adjacent)